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Our main goal is to create an interactive and resourseful community for you via our 4 Week online courses. Therefore, not only will you have access to recorded and written class material, you will also be part of our private group where we will make your experience as interactive as possible! We will offer live videos, Q+A's, provide individual feedback and support and give you the chance to connect with likeminded people on the same journey as you.


We Can't promise that it's going to be easy; you will be challenged and pushed, but you will see incredible progress if you commit to the grind. If you believe in yourself, your Body is capable of things that you never could have imagined!

Front Splits



Perfect for those at a beginner/intermediate level. Our Front Splits course aims to help you increase your flexibility and range of motion in order for you to achieve true front splits. 

You will learn about different stretching techniques and injury prevention, as well as how to create beautiful and unique shapes with your body. 

We aim to help you achieve full body awareness through this structured course. 

Workouts vary from 40-60 minutes with some daily movement-based work included. 


Phase 2




This program is focused on creating even more strength and awareness, allowing you to hold your body unsupported for longer periods of time and begin to explore creating different shapes in your handstand.

We will be working on the straight line, straddle, and tuck positions. This will also give you all the necessary exercises to prepare you for handstand presses. 

Hamstring flexibility and straddle mobility will constitute a large portion of this program, but we will also provide scaled options for beginners and advanced students.
Make your handstand goals a reality!



This program will be focused on building up two main skills, the Bridge and the Camel. Over the course of the 4 weeks, you will be provided with two training days per week which will focus on the techniques and foundations required for you to build your strength and flexibility in a progressive,
safe and efficient manner.

We want to help you build a greater awareness of your spine and its range of motion in order to understand all the various flexibility methods involved with stretching and building strength for backbends.

Our unique and scalable classes are suitable for beginners as well as those at a more advanced level. You'll learn how to fully manipulate and isolate the muscles within your core and back in order to excel in more difficult movements. 
We will ensure to provide you with modifications to meet your level of mobility.

Hip Mobility




This program is perfect for those who would like to increase range of motion in their hips and have a deeper understanding of movement and mobility in order to achieve healthy and mobile hips. 

This program will be focused on strengthening the joints and keeping them moving. We’ll work on internal/ external rotations, building strength in end-ranges and overall hip health.

We will provide educational materials to support your learning and daily routines for practicing what you've learned. Sequences will be short, but effective.


Phase 1




This program will be focused on building awareness and strength in your upper body, specifically in the areas needed for inversions. 

This course is suitable for both beginners and intermediate students who want to work on building the correct form, strength, flexibility, and technique needed for hand balances in a progressive and safe manner. 

We will also go into detail about how to overcome the fear of inversions and how to understand the correct alignment.

The course is split into 3 training days per week however, you are also encouraged to work on building these skills up on your own in order to advance your progress even further.

Shoulder Mobility




This program is perfect for those who enjoy calisthenics and/or handstand skills and want to keep their shoulders mobile and healthy. 

This program will focus on strengthening the joints and keeping them moving. We’ll work on internal/ external rotations,  building strength in end-ranges, scapula health, and spine mobility.

We will provide educational materials to support your learning and daily routines for practicing what you've learned. Sequences will be short, but effective

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