Journey To Front Splits E-Book



  • Introduction -Who this book is aimed at

  • Being Successful

  • Key Points - Whats good to know

  • Different stretching methods

  • So why front splits? 

  • Starting point

  • Common Problems

  • E-Book Structure - how to use this ebook

  • The purpose of a warm up 

  • Warm up exercises for the front splits

  • Deep stretching techniques (Hamstrings, Hips,
    Quads, Static, PNF and Active)

  • Conditioning for stronger hips

  • Progressions and regressions

  • Client Gallery 

  • Approved and read by 

  • Acknowledgements and Credits 


Are these books for me? 

Both of these E-Books are targeted for those who are yet to achieve these movements, (The bridge and front splits) and to help give them an introduction into stretching. However both ebooks are applicable to the general population.

In todays society, it has become easy for us to neglect our health and fitness needs. Technology and modern amenities have made our lives easier; however, because of this there has also been a decrease in our mobility and physical activity. This has had a negative and huge impact on our posteiror chain and hips. The posterior chain is a networked group of major muscles and connective tissue on the posterior (back) part of the body.

This collective group of muscles is so important to us because it provides the body with strength, power, endurance and stability whilst helping decrease common aches and pains such a headaches, lower back pain, and nerve impingements. Sitting in your daily commute with poor posture, looking at computer screens, and slouching at desks have all contributed to the vast majority’s lack of development within the posterior chain. This has caused the front of our body to become tighter and tigheter impacting our range of movement.

Journey To Bridge E-Book


  • Introduction

  • Who this book is aimed at

  • Being Successful

  • Different Stretching Methods

  • The Bridge

  • Starting Point

  • Common Problems

  • The Purpose of a Warm Up

  • Wrists

  • Wrist strengthening and stretching

  • Warm up exercises for the Bridge

  • Static Stretching for increasing flexibility

  • The Bridge progressions and Regressions

  • Conditioning for Overhead positioning and

  • Push Conditioning and Strengthening

  • Timetable and Training Program

  • Testimonials 

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